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Las Cargo & Go Airlines:
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Welcome to Las Cargo – The last word in next-generation cargo solutions. We are here to challenge conventional processes and redefine the levels of service and speed. As a GSSA partner and by strategically partnering with Go Airlines, we have access to over 32 Airbus 320's capable of delivering your cargo to the places that matter. With 23 destinations across India and many more to come, we aim to be India’s most reliable and definitive cargo handling company.

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we will deliver.

At Las Cargo, we believe no request is too big or too small and we treat every client with personalised attention. Whether it is delivering general cargo, special cargo, or even transporting dangerous goods from one place to another, we are fully equipped with the highest standards of technology and logistics to deliver your valuable cargo safely, economically and efficiently.

Professional service, personalised attention.

Moving homes across India? Sending something to your loved one in another city? Or shipping an important business consignment to a client? Las Cargo takes care of all your General Cargo worries in the most professional, quick and reliable manner. With 23 destinations across India and growing, you can rest assured that cargo will be delivered on time, every time.

Las Cargo In Mumbai
Always handled with care.

Handling Special Cargo requires special attention and expertise. At Las Cargo, we understand how important and precious your cargo can be. Which is why our highly trained experts, superior technology and know-how come in handy during acceptance, storage, transportation and delivery. After all, every little detail we look after ensures your valuable items reach their destination safely.

special cargo
valuable  Cargo
Valuable Cargo (VAL)

Thinking of transporting something valuable across India? At Las Cargo, we take utmost care in delivering your precious items safely. However, before you do send a cargo, it is important to understand what constitutes Valuable cargo. As per the TACT Rules, Valuable cargo (VAL) is defined as

A. An article having a declared value for carriage of USD 1000.00 (or equivalent) or more per gross kilogram;
B. Gold bullion (including refined and unrefined ingot form), gold specie and gold only in the form of grain, sheet, foil, powder, sponge, wire, rod, tube, circles, mouldings and castings, platinum, platinum metals, (palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, and rhodium) and platinum alloys in the form of grain, sponge, bar ingot sheet, rod, wire, gauze, tube and strip (put excluding those radioactive isotopes of the above metals and alloys which are subject to restricted articles labelling requirements).
C. Legal bank notes, travellers' cheques, securities, shares, share coupons and stamps (excluding mints).
D. Diamonds (including industrial diamonds), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and real pearls (including cultured pearls).
E. Jewellery consisting of diamonds rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and red pearls (including cultured pearls).
F. Jewellery/watches and articles made of silver, gold and/or platinum.
G. Carriers may also define ticket stocks, Air waybills, MCO stocks, and category ‘A’ Diplomatic mail as valuable items.

Vulnerable Cargo
Vulnerable Cargo (VUN)

Vulnerable Cargo is one of the many types of special cargo we transport at Las Cargo. This type of cargo refers to goods for which no value has been declared. However, due to the nature of the items, they require the same security handling as valuable cargo. Vulnerable cargo often includes items vulnerable to theft, such as imitation jewellery, watches, cameras, sporting ammunition, dangerous drugs, etc.

Human Remains
Human Remains (HUM)

In the unfortunate circumstances of transporting the deceased, the last thing you want is unnecessary complications and delays. At LAS Cargo, we ensure the process is made easy and simple to deal with. Please remember, human remains cannot be accepted for carriage by air unless embalmed or cremated. More importantly, human remains MUST have confirmed a booking for all sectors including carriage on other airlines.

Perishable Cargo
Perishable Cargo (PER)

Sending a box of mangoes or some seasonal fruits from your farm to your friends or customers? Or frozen items across India? It is important that your cargo reaches as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid any kind of loss. At Las Cargo, we pride ourselves on delivering perishable goods to several destinations across India. Please remember, perishable goods are those items of load that will deteriorate or lose its value through delay or changes in temperature or humidity. Some items of perishable cargo may also have hazardous properties and be classified as Dangerous goods and may not be able to be loaded with other cargo.
Here’s a list of some of the perishable cargo items we transport at Las Cargo.

  • Fresh Flowers & Plants
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh/Frozen/Chilled meat & Fish
  • Undeveloped Film
  • Dry Ice – Solidified Carbon Dioxide (ICE)
  • Hatching Eggs & Dairy Products
  • News Material
  • Wet Cargo
Fragile Goods
Fragile Goods

Fragile goods require special care and high level of attention while being transported from one place to another on an airline. After all, fragile shipments are not only delicate in nature but may also have a high value too. For instance, paintings, instruments, glass items etc., come under Fragile Goods. At Las Cargo, you can relax in the knowledge that your goods will always be handled with care.

Airmail Handling
Airmail Handling

At Las Cargo, we handle several different types of Airmail. From letters to your loved ones across India to postcards from that lovely travel destination and even Speed Post to send a document urgently, we cover it all and more. And more importantly, we do it in the fastest possible manner. After all, when it comes to sending an important message, time is everything.

Dangerous items prohibited

At Las Cargo, we are equipped with the technical expertise to transport dangerous goods across the country. However, we have restrictions on acceptance and carriage of dangerous goods. Please remember, dangerous goods are articles or substances, which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or to the environment when transported by air and which are classified according to section 3 A of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. A series of stringent checks are conducted before the materials are loaded on the aircraft as cargo, through proper documentation as well as the shipper’s declaration of dangerous goods. Only packages with dangerous goods that meet UN/ICAO specification will be accepted.

At Las Cargo, we use the current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) as working manual. All on-line stations must hold a minimum of 1 copy of the current edition of Dangerous Goods Regulations. The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Las Cargo is governed by DGCA India. Acceptances of Dangerous Goods are accepted only by trained staff which has a specialized training done after a successful completion of training & certification.

1. Explosives
2. Gases
3. Flammable Liquid
dangerous goods cargo
4. Flammable Solids
5. Oxidizing Substances & Organic Peroxide
6. Toxic & Infectious Substances
7. Radioactive Material
8. Corrosives & Miscellaneous dangerous goods



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